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Debby Keech(Ward Clerk)-Cuero Community Hospital

"Drosto has been such an inspiration from the moment I met her. God has given her the gift of helping others; through all my trials and tribulations her prayers have helped to give me the courage to continue on, reminding me of God's promises. This is why she is my Angel and my prayer Warrior. Love you. God bless your work."

Shayla-Marie(Hair Stylist)-Milwaukee, WI.

"Drosto Montgomery has always been positive and uplifting. She is always willing to take the time to listen and understand. She also gives the best advice. She is one of the most real people I know."

Allison Puckett (Relocation Manager) Charlotte, NC

"Wow. There probably aren't enough words to explain Drosto and her beautiful character. I met Drosto when I was training to be a Center Manager at LVI. Drosto taught me so much on life, and being a good person professionally and personally. Drosto has always been there to lift others up in times of need or just when you need a friend. She is consistently encouraging and loves others well. She is one of the most influential people in my life, and I know she will have that impact on many more that come her way. "

Dr. Leslie R (Optometrist) Manhattan, CA

"I am so thankful to have Drosto in my life. Without her I don't know how I would have made it through certain hardships in my life. Drosto was always there for me and showed that she cares deeply about every person in her life."

Christine Norrbom (Owner/Small Business Concierge) Michigan

"Customer Service is Drosto. Real service with compassion, empathy, and creative soul-utions. Drosto is a diamond of strength and integrity. Never judgmental, but willing to partner with you in constructive criticism to achieve the desired goal. Shining from within and solid as gold.

Jenny (Sales) Ohio

"Drosto is one of those people that will impact your life forever after meeting her. She has an amazing, unbreakable spirit, a positive and encouraging attitude and always puts her full heart into her work. Drosto has given me wisdom and guidance, and an appreciation for things in life that are at times easy to overlook. Drosto has always been available to me when I need her, and I am forever grateful to have met her . Thank you for all that you do Drosto!!"

Shavon Austr (Retail Accounting) Florida

"From the moment I met Drosto I knew she was a gem. I've never met a person as genuinely positive as her and she wears a smile that can brighten up any room. Drosto's words of encouragement have gotten me through many rough days and she's always willing to listen. I love her dearly and I wish her an abundance of blessings!!"

Frankie Williams (CEO) Houston, TX

"Mrs. Montgomery is someone that was referred to me as a client!!! One day I was cleaning her house and almost passed out, she is such a caring person she made sure I wouldn't leave her house until I was better!!! She made sure that I didn't drive my car!! And later check on me that day!!! I knew then that she was more than a client!!! I gained a friend!! A caring friend!!! Thank you for all your encouraging words!!! Beautiful spirit and smile!!!"

Alexis Hamilton (Collections Representative) Houston, TX

"I am so thankful to have this wonderful woman in my life (Drosto) she is truly a gift from God. I have never met someone so loving, kindhearted, and understanding, she has always been there for me and my family no matter what. Drosto is truly an inspiration to me I thank God for bringing someone like her in my life!"

Tawanna Frazier (Spiritual Leader) Milwaukee, WI

"There are times in life where God will send you just what you need when you feel like life is beating you up. Drosto was just what I needed in my life. God gave me a vision to start a business. Drosto was able to help walk me through the process with prayer and her vask knowledge of the system. If she didn't know the answer she had no problem researching the answer. This type of life coaching skill is rare and unheard of. She helped put my life in line with God's word by doing everything by His word. Opportunities may come but when you meet Drosto it's life - changing."

Antonia (Ophthalmic Technician) Minnesota

"I am very grateful to have met Drosto. Throughout the years she has been not only a amazing listener but she has been an inspiration to me. Drosto is very direct and honest. I have never felt judged or misled when confiding in her. I admire her strength and positive attitude towards life and those around her. Drosto truly is a person that I have much respect for and I appreciate our friendship everyday."

Sheneka Johnson (Co Worker) Houston, TX

"Since the day I met Drosto she has been a positive encouragement to me. She is always smiling and uplifting, even when I reached out for advice she immediately took time to listen and give her feedback. She is someone that will leave a footprint in your life."

Decondie Winn-Green (Certified Travel Agent) Houston, TX

"Drosto and I met in my building. She would always compliment me and I her. We built a lasting relationship during my time with Mary Kay Cosmetics. We continue to keep in touch via Face Book, Phone and Text. She is a GEM and a GOD -Fearing woman! I look forward to our continued personal friendship and business relationship!! May GOD continue to Guide, Bless and Keep you my friend!!"

Shamika Brookshire (Business Professional) Dallas, TX

Working with Drosto has been a great blessing to me. She has helped me in many areas of life, with faith, family and relocating to a new state. I'm forever grateful that I started this journey with her. I have been able to make huge strides in each area where I hoped to improve in. She helped to remind me of my values and coached me in a gentle but firm way. She helped me to focus on what is really important to me, to identify what the road blocks were and how I could get past them. Most importantly I believe she has give me effective tools that will help me long after our coaching.

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