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The services provided by Life Coach Drosto are unique to each individual or company. 

Words from Summar Bishart (Virginia) National Patient Counselor: "I still have not yet had the opportunity to meet Drosto in person. That being said, the first time I ever spoke to her on the phone, I knew something was different about her and I was drawn to her. My intuition told me she meant 100% good for anyone she came across, and that is not something you encounter often in life. Later on in my time with my former company she helped me recognize that it was an unhealthy environment and that no one should be treated with disrespect and how to stand up for myself which I did. :) I will never forget your kindness and love Drosto. Thank you!

Why me?

Why not me.

 Picture yourself in a better place than you are right now.  What does that look like to you?

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